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Patriots Unplugged: 4 Ways to Give Big Tech the Finger in 2022

Posted by Justin on

It's Time to Go Rogue

If you've noticed that the internet has gone insane the last couple of years, you're absolutely right.

Big tech giants are now the puppet masters of the globe, suppressing the truth, spreading disinformation and tracking our every move. And who knows what they're doing with all our data?!

Companies like Google, Meta, Microsoft, Apple and more have an outsized influence on our lives, our national conversations, and our identities.

Not only that, but their censorship has gotten to the point of ridiculous - poisoning America's minds and raising social hell nationwide.

Furthermore, these sinister Big Tech companies stalk our every movement, gather sensitive data on us, and sell it to third parties - the true identities of which we may never know. 

Their monopoly on available information drives wedges between Americans, further fanning the flames of division in our nation in a time when we need to stand united.

But here’s the thing; these companies are only so powerful because we keep buying into their tyrannical products and platforms... So, are you prepared to go rogue on evil tech giants this year? 

If you too have had enough of Big Tech controlling America, here's 4 ways you can give 'em the finger this year & unplug from their global domination:

4. Choose Your Search Engine Wisely

It's time we all gave Google a boycott, and turned our backs on their unapologetic censorship. Not only that, but it's crucial for patriots who value their privacy and safety to choose a more secure browsing platform. 

Alternative search engines like Brave and DuckDuckGo offer unparalleled searching capabilities without gathering and selling your data to faceless international powers and advertisers, thus threatening your anonymity. 

The less data these companies who Google sells to can acquire, the less power they will have in the economic marketplace. Plus, common sense prevails when you choose a platform that protects your privacy as you seek the truth, rather than one who regularly exploits your search history for its own profit and America's demise? 

3. Purchase Fewer New Gadgets

There’s a cultural force that inspires us to always buy the new mobile phone or tech device that just came out, even if we have to take out loans or go into debt to do so. Unfortunately, many of us are vulnerable to their appealing marketing ploys, but we must resist. Why?

For starters, it teaches big tech companies that they can’t simply slap a new coat of paint on a fresh device and sell it to us for hundreds or thousands of dollars if that new bit of gadgetry has nothing special about it other than more sophisticated data-collecting tools.

Furthermore, resisting the urge to buy new gadgets right out of the gate could help stop planned obsolescence: the idea that tech companies deliberately build flaws into their devices so we have to upgrade after a certain amount of time.

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2. Unplug From Their Matrix

With the Metaverse on our doorstep, there are many young folk especially excited to welcome this parallel universe into existence. While it all seems awe-inspiring and technologically marvelous, this virtual reality could replace the real world as we know it... If we allow it to. 

After years of collecting data on you, Meta knows exactly how to push your buttons, hypnotize you, warp your mind and reel you in for hours on end. I know life in the real world has been pretty grim the last few years and this virtual reality seems like a nice escape... But don't be fooled by their shiny marketing.

Think it all sounds too good to be true? Trust your instincts on this, and approach with caution. Before we know it, the world might exist only in the created realm of some computer programmers. Say goodbye to your identity, your family, your life, and your country.

Give Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and all other data-gathering sites the finger and delete these from your phone now. The longer you're on there, the more data they're grabbing to manipulate you and destroy our future.

1. Get Involved with (Certain) Political Movements

Lastly, don’t hesitate to research politicians or political movements who move against big tech companies. If possible, try to join anti-big tech groups and political movements in your area to raise awareness about the economic and psychological harm that these organizations may be causing to the nation at large.

Ultimately, big tech companies will only be stopped by legislation and federal action, which means we need to elect a government that recognizes just how bad these big tech companies really are when you get down to the details.

All in all, we can all stop supporting Big Tech and dramatically lower its influence in our lives by following these basic tips. Reclaim your privacy, autonomy, and freedom in 2022 by giving Big Tech the finger. We will not let them control us. 

Thanks for reading - stay strong, patriots.

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