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4 Guns That Are Illegal for American Citizens to Own

Posted by Justin on

While the gun control conversation is still ongoing, we're glad that there are very few firearms that are actually illegal for Americans to own.

While some states place heavy restrictions on various gun accessories, or outright ban certain weapons, the federal government has not yet fully jumped the shark. 

Let’s break down the weapons you definitely can’t own anywhere so you know how to fight for your rights more capably.

4. Any Machine Guns Made After May 1986

The National Firearms Act implemented a number of restrictions on firearms for all American citizens regardless of state. One of these restrictions was on machine guns that were made after May 1986. 

The date is relatively arbitrary, but it essentially means that you can’t legally own any machine gun that was registered more recently than the above date. 

Note that the NFA and most other state governments label many rifles as machine guns improperly, so keep this in mind if you are planning on buying a rifle sometime in the future.

3. Sawed-Off Shotguns

Next, American citizens can’t use any illegally sawed-off shotguns. Specifically, this means shotguns with barrels under 18 inches in length.

While you can use modified shotguns, they must be legally modified and registered with your State government and the Federal government. 

Sawed-off shotguns are difficult to find on the market.

Be sure to also keep this rule in mind if you plan to modify your shotgun. Don’t saw off the barrel yourself unless you want to potentially be fined should the weapon be discovered in your possession.

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2. Pistols with Stocks

Lastly, the NFA and other gun control lawmakers have banned any pistols with improperly modified stocks or stocks that have been added for no “legitimate purpose”.

The reason for this restriction is ostensibly to prevent pistols from being turned into rifles, which could potentially be used to circumvent rifle purchasing restrictions and lead to deaths.

Of course, it’s nonsense. But it’s a restriction we have to live with (for now), nonetheless.

While you can get modifications for certain pistols, like included stocks or barrel extensions, these must be registered under the NFA and you'll have to pay certain fees, as well as go through a background check in order to secure such modifications.

1. Any Other Illegally-Modified Weapons

We’d like to reiterate that any illegally modified weapons are also illegal for American citizens to own. 

Legally-modified weapons can be made by purchasing attachments or extensions, or any other modifications, through the appropriate processes and through licensed gun stores. 

In many cases, buying modifications at gun conventions will not qualify as a legal purchase and you could be fined if discovered.

Ultimately, it's a good thing that most guns aren't outright illegal for American citizens to own.

However, the above restrictions do indicate that there's a troubling trend in our society.

It's likely that gun control restrictions will go up rather than down unless we manage to change the course of our government and affect the national conversation around gun safety.

Make sure to speak to your neighbors and clear up this confusion so we can secure our rights.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots. 

Justin | FamTeeWorld
Maine, USA

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