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4 Alternatives to Facebook & Twitter That Support Free Speech

Posted by Justin on

In a time when censorship knows no bounds, the most popular social media and networking sites on the Internet seem to have given up even trying to hide their sins. Their outright suppression of truth, free speech and accurate information is reaching critical mass, and Americans have had enough.

A couple of the biggest offenders are Twitter and Facebook, and if you haven’t noticed their mounting rate of censorship and truth-warping, you’ve likely been living under a rock.

Fortunately, many entrepreneurs and digital freedom champions have already created alternatives to these social media giants.

If you’re ready to stop the suppression and step back into our power, check out these 4 effective alternatives to Facebook and Twitter that support free speech:

First and foremost is Rumble, most aptly described as a conservative alternative to Facebook. It’s already used by millions of people worldwide even though it launched in 2013 and became popular only over the last few years.

Not only can you share viral videos, but you can also share long-form messages, tweet-length thoughts, and much more. The App Store allows you to download this platform to your mobile device, or you can  use it on your desktop computer.

If you want some side income, Rumble also lets you turn various non-revenue-generating items into cash. Check it out and experience far more informational freedom than Facebook will ever let you see.

Although Rumble censors less than YouTube, it is still known to censor some content. If you’re fed up with suppression overall, try BitChute: an alternative video hosting platform that was launched in January 2017. It’s much more accommodating and allows you to voice your opinions and thoughts freely without having to worry about your videos being taken down.

BitChute runs on peer-to-peer technology to ensure videos are distributed quickly, and to ensure that the site can never be taken down by a single hacker attack.

Many censored YouTube creators have migrated to BitChute without any issues; as a result, it is quickly becoming a wealth of critical information from voices that have been suppressed by Big Tech. As with any platform, there are some wild theories on there, so be sure to use discernment when viewing.

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Alternatively, check out Brand New Tube: a free video hosting service that stands in stark contrast to the censoring principles now found everywhere on Facebook and YouTube. It’s the same concept as BitChute with the only major difference being that many of the censored voices, such as Dr. Vernon Coleman, exclusively post content on BrandNewTube.

As with BitChute, you’ll find explosive stories and information banned from mainstream platforms coupled with the occasional whack job; just use your best judgement to differentiate between the two. But honestly, what’s the difference between flat earth videos on Brand New Tube and anything that spews out of Fauci’s mouth on YouTube?

In a nutshell, Brand New Tube is a great way to gather censored information to balance out the ludicrous mainstream narrative. It’s also a great platform if you feel inclined to start growing a video audience if you have important messages to spread.

Out of all of these platforms, we recommend Gab the most. Gab is the free speech alternative to Facebook and Twitter. The platform is very similar to Facebook; you can post statuses, videos, pictures, join groups, message other users, essentially everything you can do on Facebook or Twitter without the arbitrary censorship rules.

Gab sticks true to their policy of “Say whatever you want as long as you’re not inciting violence”. When they refer to “inciting violence”, they’re not referring to using the wrong pronoun for somebody like Twitter does, so you can truly express yourself online. Due to their unshakable stance on supporting the First Amendment, the platform has been the target of propaganda hit pieces, most recently from the ADL - that’s how you know they’re doing something right.

Gab is by far the best source to hear those silenced by Big Tech censorship standing and is loaded with red-blooded patriots. After President Trump and millions of others were banned from Twitter in early 2021, many of the users migrated to Gab.

There you have it: four easy alternatives to Facebook and Twitter, plus some video sharing platforms if you don’t like YouTube’s censorship as well. As you can see, the Internet is still a haven for free speech. You just need to know where to look!

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots. 

 Justin | FamTeeWorld
Maine, USA

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