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3 States Trump Has to Win and Why

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TRUMP 2020




The 2020 presidential election is set to be a very tight competition, even though current Pres. Trump’s opponent seems to be mentally slipping quite a bit.

Regardless, Trump cannot afford to rest on his laurels.

There are several battleground states that he absolutely must win if he wants to secure the election and guarantee another four years of time in the Oval Office.

Let’s take a look at three key states Trump has to win and explain why they are so crucial.

It is these states he must focus on instead of his secure, Republican states, where he can count on voters showing up to the polls.


Why Texas, you might ask?

It’s a common mistake for people to think of Texas as a hard-core Republican or conservative state.

While it has a reputation for conservative values and rugged individualism, Texas is rapidly developing; several of its major metropolitan areas, including Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, are hotbeds for liberal thought and political messaging.

Texas is following the same pattern as other large states before it, like California and New York, with voting patterns characterized by conservative rural towns and liberal cities.

Trump must secure Texas as a Republican state in the next election since it alone can turn the tide of the results, carrying 38 electoral votes by itself! 


Another key battleground state is Pennsylvania, just like it was during the 2016 election.

Pennsylvania has two large Democratic cities, including Philadelphia, but many of its population are more conservative and rural than you would expect.

Trump did surprisingly well during the 2016 election, but the state is far from secure.

That’s partially because Pennsylvania is part of the “rust belt” and is full of downtrodden and rural voters who need his help more than anyone else.

If he can secure Pennsylvania, he can secure a large portion of the American voting population. Pennsylvania also has 20 electoral votes to offer.


Florida is the last key battleground state Trump must secure to win.

Florida is a very diverse state, with coastal and metropolitan areas but a high concentration of rural voters, many of whom are seniors (who tend to vote conservatively anyway).

Florida has 29 electoral votes, so it can have a big impact on the overall electoral count. 

Furthermore, Florida has a history of being close during presidential elections – the 2000 election of George W. Bush is one such example. 


Ultimately, Pres. Trump has excellent chances of winning the 2020 election and securing another four years in the Oval Office.

But the election is not settled, no matter how comfortable or confident we may feel about it. It’s important for everyone to go out and rally as much as possible to show support for the President.

Focusing on these three key states will go a long way toward ensuring that Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t take the Oval Office in the near future.

Let’s get it done!  

Thank you for reading, United We Stand

Justin, Author



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