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3 Potential Presidential Candidates Trump Might Face in 2024

Posted by Justin on

And so it begins...

Although the 2024 election is still two years out, people are already buzzing about the possibilities and potential matchups we may see from the Republicans and Democrats.

It’s already a given that former President Trump will run in 2024 for the Republican Party, meaning that the Democrats will have to field a very strong challenger if they hope to win.

Today, let’s take a look at 3 potential Democratic candidates Trump might face in the 2024 Presidential race:

3. Joe Biden

Naturally, Joe Biden could decide to run as the incumbent president in 2024. Joe Biden will have the well-known “incumbent advantage”, which simply observes that incumbent presidents usually have an easier time getting reelected than challenger presidents have getting elected.

That said, Joe Biden is certainly getting up there in age, and his mental faculties are MIA. It’s possible that Biden will decide to bow out in favor of a different Democrat candidate since he's clearly showing signs of running out of steam, and lacks the energy to handle another four years of Presidential duties.

2. Hillary Clinton

Trump’s old challenger, Hillary Clinton, could face him once again in 2024. This would certainly be a rematch for the books...

Hillary Clinton has a lot of support among young women and the Democrat core voting base, but she doesn't have the approval of mothers, families, or more patriotic Americans.

In fact, we expect any rematch with Hillary Clinton to end in the same result – it’s unlikely that Hillary is wise enough to change her campaign strategy and reach out to the Americans she ignored during her 2016 campaign.

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1. AOC

The last potential challenger is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, oftentimes abbreviated as AOC. AOC is young, overzealous, and knows how to drive up the Democratic voting base like no other politicians do. These are all red flags that could make her a challenging opponent for Donald Trump.

Luckily, AOC tends to run her mouth off and say things that could hurt her campaign in the heat of the moment. Furthermore, AOC doesn’t have the same nous, chops or experience as Trump or other more established politicians. All of these factors could negatively affect her campaign should she dare to run in 2024.

Who's the Biggest Threat?

Out of these candidates, the biggest threat to Trump is likely AOC due to her radical views, popularity, and passionate voter base. (For some reason, young Americans love communists…)

However, we don’t know whether she is truly most likely to win the Democratic nomination; given the party’s past choices, we expect they will nominate Hillary Clinton or a more established politician instead to play it safe.

This will obviously cause disasters for the Democrats (and America) in the long run, but only time will tell who Donald Trump will face in 2024 and whether they'll be successful in their bid for the White House.

Thanks for reading - stay strong, patriots.

Justin | FamTeeWorld

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