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3 Border Wall Securities You Don't Know About

Posted by Dan Jacobs on

The President has had to jump thru a lot of hoops, overcome many obstacles, and deal with innumerable criticisms to finally get his vision of a secure American border up and running.

But what do we know about his idea for a border besides that he wants a giant wall? Well, he's had some pretty impressive ideas that the media doesn't want to report on, so I think it's about time you were filled in on some of 45's lesser known border wall implementations.


Crocodile & Snake Moat 



You read that right; President Trump wants a moat around the border. Not just any moat mind you, but a moat filled with poisonous snakes & alligators, just like in the movies.

He has prompted aides to seek a cost estimate, and honestly there's a reason why this idea hasn't left human history, and that reason is that it works. I mean come on, that's a serious deterrent for anyone to get anywhere near the wall.

Shooting Migrants in the Legs



Although shooting and killing migrants is considered illegal, shooting and injuring them is a grey area. 

Think about it for a moment; injure a potentially violent criminal from coming into the country and harming your family, or yell at him to please stop... yeah, I'll go with the former too. We all know that Mexico isn't bringing their best.


The Border Wall is Composed of Mega-Hot Metal



To top it off, the wall itself will be composed of materials designed specifically to retain heat. If you've ever been to southern Texas in summertime, you'll know how hot the pavement can get... 

Now imagine that heat being transferred to material that is specifically designed to retain this massive amount of heat. Yeah, it gets really freakin' hot. 

The President was even quoted as saying, "You can fry an egg on that wall!"


What do you think about these features? Too much or just enough?

Let me know in the comments!

Together we can Keep America Great,


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  • All ones listed are way over the top! You don’t shoot for trying to get in a better country, or fed them to gators, or fry them. A good solid wall tall enough to make it difficult to climb, and yes you could put a hot wire at the very top in case they ever did make it that far, but only strong enough to knock them back off the wall on their side of their border!
    This should work without killing people!

    Terry BAGGETT on

  • I love all these idea’s, build that wall Mr.President

    James H on

  • We love President Trump but if this article is the truth, then we don’t think these measures are an appropriate way for securing the Border Wall!! NO to Alligators & Snakes!!
    These critters would pose a danger to everyone not just to illegal aliens!!
    Who would manage these critters & make them stay in the moats??

    Linda S Mc Ray on

  • whatever it takes !


  • Build it along the eastern border of California and let Mexico have that part back. It’s broken anyway.

    Chris Johnson on

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