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10 Ways President Trump Has Improved America

Posted by Dan Jacobs on

We all know that President Trump is the greatest thing to happen to this country in a long time. 

His dedication, sacrifice, and devotion to his country is inspiring and bar-none. I wanted to take the time today to point out his top 10 improvements he's made to the greatest country on Earth.



10. More than 4 million American jobs created since his 2016 election

9. Manufacturing jobs is growing at the fastest rate in more than thirty years.

8. Unemployment rates hit a 49-year low



7. The Median American household income has hit the highest level of all time.

6. Veteran's unemployment has reached its lowest point in 20 years.

5. Small businesses have the lowest top marginal tax rate in 80 years.

4. A record number of regulations have been eliminated under the Trump Administration.




3. Terminated the Obamacare individual mandate penalty.

2. Secured $6 billion in brand new funding in the war against opioids.

1. Initiated the process the begin Space Force.


We finally, truly have a President that is for the American people and the success of the country overall.

What other accomplishments should we add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

Together we can Keep America Great...


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  • I’m so proud of my President. I think he’s the best we’ve had since President Reagan and Eisenhower. He truly loves this country and has great compassion for its citizens. May our Lord continue to protect him, guide him, and give him the wisdom needed to lead us onward and upward. Back to the Basics of our Constitution!


  • I lost my company because I couldn’t compete with the Chinese I’m glad the president is making it an even playing field with the Chinese thank you
    Laurence E Horton on

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